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Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life - Red Auerbach
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The Musik Planet is a music lessons and recording studio in Riverside, California.  ...Click here to find out more about The Musik Planet Recording Studio... We offer qualified, seasoned instructors that enjoy training and teaching music.  Loraine Plante, the owner of the studio, has been teaching music for 35 years.   With 10 dedicated teachers we offer piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, voice lessons, group choir lessons, violin, viola and cello lessons, and flute, trumpet, clarinet and saxophone lessons.  We also teach music theory, music composition, improvisation, beginner jazz, and bass guitar.  Along with musical instruments, we teach  Pro-Tools, Sonar, and recording techniques.  Our music studio specializes in private instruction with lessons tailored to individual needs and level of experience.  We teach the beginner to the advanced, children to adult  ...Click here for more about private lessons. 

NEW PROGRAM! Learn at Home!  We have recently added a new option in music instruction.  Now you can learn music at home, and take lessons as often and whenever you like.  When you are ready for some one-on-one private instruction to affirm what you have learned independently, and, providing you live in the Riverside, California area where our studio is located, our teachers will go over the techniques you want to improve on.  At your pace.  When you are ready.  This option is great for busy adults, home school students, and anyone who thrives in an independent setting.  And it is very affordable.  Click on LearnandMaster.com to begin learning to play the guitar, piano, or drums from the comfort of your own home.    


Did you know that The Musik Planet is a Founding School and a testing center for the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program?  click here to find out more...


Contact us at (951) 329-2264

We are located at 6930 Indiana Ave., Suite One, Riverside, CA 92506

Use the drop down list below to purchase lessons in single, one month, or three and six month increments.  And if you are purchasing a gift certificate just let us know in the description and we will send you a nice certificate too!

Lesson Options at The Musik Planet


Here's a  brief clip of a piano lesson in session:



See More videos of lessons and student practices on our YouTube Channel,


The Musik Planet Studio



What to Expect with Private Lessons


* One-teacher to one-student lessons tailored to the studentís learning pace and needs.  Sessions are available in 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour durations.  Call us for session rates.

* There are no registration fees, and we do not auto bill and do not ask for a last month deposit.

*Make up lessons are always available 

* Special  lessons available for accomplished musicians who need to work on specific techniques.

* These teachers teach for a living, not as a hobby. 

* Low pressure, optional performance and recitals are offered each month. 

*Weekly written lesson plans are kept so parents can see assignments.



Tour The Musik Planet

Video of a drum and guitar student at The Musik Planet practicing in a jam session in the drum room...



We Believe in Opportunities to Perform

At The Musik Planet, we believe that regular showcases and performances are the key to success for the novice and the serious student.  Those that want to enhance their studies will want to take advantage of performing in front of a non-threatening audience for experience. 

We encourage our instructors to perform and enhance their success as well.  We encourage involvement with local music organizations so the students of teachers have opportunities to enroll in festivals,  recitals,  certificate of merit, local competitions,  etc.  These experiences give students experience and great resume reference for their future in any field they choose. 

Did you know that negative comments can actually reinforce wrong performance?  In my experience with teaching piano, I have found that positive reinforcement is more effective than negative.    In commenting to children and adults, I try to get them to see the desired results.  This helps them to visualize and stir their creative juices with positive reinforcement.  

For example, "I like how you hit this passage, and counted this part.  Let's carry that to this passage and phrasing."   

And, "Let me demonstrate for you.  Watch how I count this.  Now let's try it together."  

My philosophy is to help depict success and how to constructively change a weak performance to a strong musical one.  University psychology studies have proven that pointing out wrongful and negative performance is not nearly as effective as bringing about desired change by giving positive comments.   I remember hearing that the average child in the home receives only one positive response for every twenty-one negative responses. I heard this early on in my teaching career, but I always taught by positive reinforcement.   I have continued to teach with positive reinforcement these past thirty years.   Positive comments build confidence and the desire to do better.  I choose to teach success, not stress. 

Loraine Plante


***Did you or a family member perform at one of our recitals or Friday Night Performances recently?  If so, we are uploading the videos, so click on "Recital Video" or "Friday Night Performances" to see a performance!

The Musik Planet offers more than lessons... we are a source for instruments, books, musical accessories, and royalty opportunities.  We source through various vendors. 


Looking for a rental instrument?  Rent Your Instrument Now

***just click the above link to check stock and prices and rent your instrument online, then just come down to our studio and pick it up! It's easy and it saves time! 



  • Our next Recital Performance (for our students) will be at 8 pm on March 28, 2014.  Just sign up at the studio!


  • Our Spring Ensemble begins on February 1 at 1:30.  The rehearsal dates are February 1, March 1, April 5, May 3 and June 7.  All rehearsals are from 1:30 to 3 on those dates.  The concert will be on June 7 at 5 pm at Fritts Ford in Riverside.  


Have you written a song?  Distribute your songs worldwide!

Keep 100% of the Royalties *  Keep All Your Rights

read more here!


UCR International Students tour The Musik Planet!

Each year we entertain a group from UCR as they tour our studio and ask questions.  We want to thank  these nice group of students and wish them the best of success!



We want to thank Grammy Award winner Darlene Koldenhoven for taking the time to hold two voice workshops.  Thanks Darlene and all those who participated!

Musical Theory: Do I Need To Know It?   Aside from the academic study of music theory, which explores the theories surrounding music issues, such as whether or not a piece of music fits into one category or another, music theory is really the nuts and bolts of music...          read more

Piano lessons, why an electric keyboard just won't do.  read more

At the Musik Planet we strive to make music education fun for the student while maintaining a structure and comprehensive approach with our lessons, workshops, showcases, and performances. 

For the convenience of our patrons we offer music books, instruments and accessories available for purchase.  We also can provide rental services for some instruments.

For any further information or to register for classes please call 951.329.2264

Lessons in Keys...  Learn to play the piano or keyboard.  

read more



Lessons in Strings...  Learn to play the Violin, Viola, or Cello.  read more




Guitar Lessons   Drum Lessons   Vocal Lessons

Why learn classical? Classical music requires a strong knowledge of music and as well as skill in playing an instrument. Knowledge of music ...  read more

The Musik Planet is located at 6930 Indiana Ave. Suite One, Riverside, California 92506

Phone 951.329.2264 or email us at Music@TheMusikPlanet.com

We are open from 11 am to 8 pm Monday - Thursday and 11 am to 7 pm Friday and from 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday.



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